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Tiege Hanley

Founded on the belief that most men don't know much about skin care, Tiege Hanley was created to help guys look and feel amazing by selling direct-to-consumer acne and skin care subscription systems. These systems are high quality and more affordable than the closest competitors.

The fast growing company needed a refresh to their e-commerce store as it was not in line with the premium aesthetic of the brand. Additionally, they needed help restructuring the architecture of their site and marketing landing pages as well as optimizing their returning customer portal.


Tiege Hanley Lifestyle Image of Lotion on Marble Sink

01 — Simplifying the Purchasing Flow

Through quantitative and qualitative analytics, it became evident that the Tiege Hanley site was confusing users and not clearly pushing them through a purchasing flow. The new site redesign educates users about the benefits of the brand and also uses key pages to answer burning questions and ultimately convert them.

Tiege Hanley Designs Homepage Desktop MockupTiege Hanley Mobile Homepage MockupsTiege Hanley Why Tiege Designs for Mobile and DesktopTiege Hanley Product Listing Page with Comparison ChartTiege Hanley Product Detail Page for Skin Care System

02 — Landing Pages That Convert

A flexible template was designed to serve a series of different landing page needs. These landing pages are used to convert traffic from marketing initiatives via social ads, organic influencer marketing, and paid displayed ads.

Tiege Hanley multiple landing page mockups

03 — A Customer Dashboard Designed For Retention

Customers that subscribe to a Tiege Hanley skin care or acne system have access to a custom ReCharge dashboard. This dashboard was redesigned to cater closer to the company's retention strategy.

This newly designed custom dashboard gives users the ability to upgrade to higher level systems, manage their subscription, append add-ons to their order, and change their next shipment.

Tiege Hanley Customer Dashboard Homepage Mobile and DesktopTiege Hanley Manage Subscription Slideout
Tiege Hanley Cancellation Flow Mobile Mockups