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Merce Cunningham Trust

Having worked with the likes of Andy Warhol, Radiohead, and Daniel Arsham, Merce Cunningham has proven to be one of dance's most influential voices of the 20th Century. Since his passing, his trust has been tasked to keep his legacy alive through teaching classes, educating future dancers, and digitizing his works.

To celebrate the centennial of Merce Cunningham, his trust was ready for a refresh of their site and an identity to mark his 100 year anniversary.


Archival image of Merce Cunningham teaching a dance class

01 — A Dynamic Mark For The Centennial

A series of marks were made for the Centennial that could be used across digital and print assets These marks were based off of Merce's iconic dance moves and each has a photographic companion that can be used for larger applications.

3 different logos designed for the Merce Cunnigham Trust Centennial, vector designsPhotographic interpretations of the Merce Cunningham Trust centennial identity

02 — A New Digital Presence

A flexible, responsive, and modular system was designed to be used across many different templates and pages throughout this new website. Key pages were created to clearly communicate the Trust's core activities, its history, and the legacy of Merce Cunningham.

Merce Cunningham Trust Homepage Design DesktopMerce Cunningham Trust Mobile Homepage MockupsMerce Cunningham Trust About Page Mockups for Desktop and MobileMerce Cunnigham Trust Professional Licensing Page with Testimonial FeatureMerce Cunningham Trust Choregraphy Page Design Mockup Merce Cunningham Trust Timeline Design for Desktop and Mobile